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Publisher: Nightlife & entertainment news from Myrtle Beach, SC | WeeklySurge.com
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    Publisher: Nightlife & entertainment news from Myrtle Beach, SC | WeeklySurge.com
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    The Paper: Weekly Surge is Myrtle Beach’s first, true alternative for entertainment, news and lifestyle information for locals in their 20s, 30s and 40s – period. Every week - and statically online - readers find comprehensive coverage of places to go and things to do, useful information about our everyday lives, and key social and political issues. From restaurant reviews to concert reviews to reader opinions on anything and everything, Weekly Surge engages our readers in discussions. There is a perception that we’re strictly an entertainment pub – it’s true that we’ve got the most in-depth coverage of the local music scene and best listings of things-to-do around town – but we’re also a lifestyle publication, with regular columns focusing on living green, the gay and lesbian community, finances, and motorcycling. In addition, our cover stories have run the gamut from tattooing to the presidential debates to a local smoking ban in bars and restaurants to human trafficking. We also have recurring features focusing on dining, restaurant news, shopping, and profiles of local folks with interesting jobs. Finally, there’s the term NEWSpaper. Besides the fact that we’re printed on newsprint, we’ve also got news ink running in our veins, many times breaking news and exclusive content – such as local concert reviews, social media updates and in-depth reporting. Have a comment for Weekly Surge? Contact the staff at staff@weeklysurge.com or click here for a complete list of contacts. Coverage Area: Weekly Surge is located in the seaside city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Located on the far north eastern edge of the state; Myrtle Beach is in close proximity to historic Georgetown, South Carolina (38 miles), Charleston, South Carolina (99 miles) and Charlotte, North Carolina (175 miles). Circulation: Free distribution Circulation area: At newsstands throughout Horry County, the northern part of Georgetown County and the southern tip of Brunswick County, North Carolina Average Web Traffic: • Page Views: 50,0007 monthly (2012 average, Omniture) • Unique Visitors: 5,134 monthly (2012 average, Omniture) Founded: Weekly Surge was founded in the summer of 2006 - the first issue was published Aug. 3, 2006. During its first two years, Weekly Surge was housed, along with The Sun News magazine division, in an office building on Oak Street in downtown Myrtle Beach, key in forging and independent identity. As the economy crashed, the paper's staff was moved back to The Sun News building on Frontage Road East, Myrtle Beach, where it has remained.
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