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Will Cook For Friends
Publisher: Will Cook For Friends | Cooking, Baking, and the Pursuit of Tastiness
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    Publisher: Will Cook For Friends | Cooking, Baking, and the Pursuit of Tastiness
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    Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m Willow — writer, photographer, and lover of food. I first started blogging back in 2011, as a way to combine my passions (cooking, writing, and photography), and push myself to practice more regularly the things that I love. I also had this grand idea that there might be other people out there who have the same sort of crazy ideas I do, and that maybe, just maybe, I would meet a few. (Pleased to make your acquaintance!) I first became interested in cooking in my late teens. As a kid, I was really big on eating food, but didn’t have much regard for it besides getting it from my plate to my mouth. I had an iron stomach, and believed that anything I could fit in it was a “portion size”. As I got older I became interested in where food came from, and how our bodies use it. I started to study nutrition, and pay attention to what made me feel good. Along the way I began spending more and more time in the kitchen, and before long discovered a passion I never knew I had. Food became so much more than just something to eat, it became something to savor. Over the next few years I lost over fifty pounds… but I never stopped eating lots and lots of food. The change came when I started to listen to my body, and care about the fuel I gave it. I believe that food is so much more than just sustenance — it is nourishment for every level of our being. You’ll find a wide range of recipes here (some healthy, some not-so), but they all have this one shared theme: they are made from scratch, with whole, healthful ingredients. With so many pre-made meals, packaged products, and fast-food options, cooking from scratch is a dying art… and I’m here to help bring it back. So pull up a chair, and dig in!
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