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Hello, I’m Ashley! (Feel free to call me Hess.)

Welcome to Witty + Pretty! Sit down, pour yourself a drink (oh, you’re at work; so what?), and let’s get to know each other.

I’m Ashley and I started this website out of an obsession with beauty stuff, passion for funny, and general distaste for cheesy female-based blogs that take themselves too seriously. I love all the usual beauty suspects (manis, pedis, blowouts, skincare, etc.), but am also huge on health and fitness, and have a general passion for vodka and anything that makes me laugh.

I’m a social media and pop culture enthusiast as well as a music freak always searching for the latest tracks to get me going on a run or before a night out (ie. to sing at the top of my lungs in the shower). And when it comes to the fellas, dating, and S-E-X, I have an opinion or two (hundred).

Above all, I believe the most important element in anyone’s quest for pretty is having fun and being happy. We all should be laughing all the damn time and not taking ourselves too seriously. Nothing is prettier than a smile, and if someone is bitter/judgmental/sucks at life and can’t laugh at him/herself, no amount of beauty products and treatments can make that look good. Girl, you know it’s true.

On W+P, you’ll find your favorite girly things with a (hopefully) funny twist. We’ll talk lipstick, hair, food, fitness, nails, playlists, waxing, tans, bra fittings, low-cal drinks, sex toys, travel, traveling with sex toys, hangover cures, beauty tip, tricks, bad dates, and so much more. And we can’t forget the dude contributors letting us into the male mind one paragraph at at time….

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