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Ad Network: Yoggrt is a creative ad network
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    Ad Network: Yoggrt is a creative ad network
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    TARGET DESIGNERS & DEVELOPERS Yoggrt is a creative ad network. Our network's websites are highly targeted to the designer, developer and creative artist markets. Want to reach the developers making applications? Need to reach artists in all fields of interest? Yoggrt will put your message in front of them. MAKE AN IMPRESSION With Yoggrt, you won't be competing with other advertisers on the same page. Only one ad is shown for each page in our entire network. There will not be any other third party ads on the page, just your ad and all eyes will be on your message. Yoggrt gives you the exposure you need. With a limit of just 13 advertisers per month for our monthly ad spots, you are guaranteed not to get lost in a mass of advertisers. On a fully booked month you get 1/13th of the total Yoggrt page impressions (and more if we're not fully booked), meaning your ad will show up more often. THE DETAILS All ads rotate equally across all the sites in our network. Yoggrt ads are a 130 x 100 pixel image, a 25-character title, and an additional 80-character description. We want to give our viewers quality ads to look at. This means your ad must be graphically up to our standards. If your ad is unable to meet that standard we can design it for a small additional fee. Our monthly ad spots will get you a full calendar month of exposure. There are 13 ad spots available each month. Our RoadBlock ads will get you 100% of all Yoggrt page impressions for one full day. This means the only ad that will appear on any site in our network for a 24 hour period will be your ad. There are 2 RoadBlock ads available each month.
  • Owned / Operated Properties
    6ixpassions.com, aboard.io, bricss.net, bxslider.com, jamescampbell.us, chasemccoy.net, colorphile.com, couchable.co, crateofpenguins.com, cssdrop.com, cssfontstack.com, cssframeworks.org, csstypeset.com, csstypeset.com, css3gen.com, culturemilk.com, zanshin.net, worktimer.co.uk, webdesigncrowd.com, vintagezen.com, ui-cloud.com, getuicolors.com, blog.typpz.com, theorange.co, theinstructional.com, tech-thoughts.net, symmetrycode.com, slipsum.com, siiimple.com, schwarztech.net, sayzlim.net, samberson.com, robandlauren.com, reinterpretcast.com, redsgned.com, pixelonomics.com, pixelhunter.me, plobo.net, notloremipsum.com, mobilemozaic.com, mindthecode.com, macpeer.com, macappsthatrock.tumblr.com, jquer.in, jwie.be, iosicongallery.com, initialcharge.net, hipsteripsum.me, hexcolortool.com, genggao.net, fonticons.net, ericlbarnes.com, endlessicons.com, deepakjose.com, dailyexhaust.com
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