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Publisher: Printable Coupons & How to Save Money | Young Mom's Deals
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    Publisher: Printable Coupons & How to Save Money | Young Mom's Deals
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    PR Friendly Button Ad Space: If you are looking to have your creative placed on my site, there is a monthly fee of $25. Should you plan to pre-pay for one year of advertising, you will receive one month FREE. Sponsored Posts: Please contact me at robyn@youngmomsdeals.com Product Reviews & Giveaways: If you’re looking for a product to be reviewed, contact me at robyn@youngmomsdeals.com with the information. I would love to review products and give my 100% honest opinion. I love to review products and let me readers know all about it! I will gladly review your product and write a full review on it and share it with my fans. I also will hold a giveaway for your item; this is a great way to gain exposure for your business. I am also looking for items to use as giveaways, but you must ship the item to the customer! *Please NOTE, giveaways are not mandatory in order for me to do a product review* Product Reviews: All product reviews are done free of charge. I ask for a 2-3 week time period to fully use and review the product, so I can give my honest opinion of the product. My opinion will be 100% my opinion (good, bad, or indifferent). I ask that you ship the product that you would like reviewed to me at your cost. All items need to be full sized, include everything needed to fully review it, and will not be returned. I will do a full write-up with all the product information, links to your sites and/or Facebook and Twitter Pages. Items must be family friendly to be considered for review. Your item will be promoted (along with my review) on my website, Twitter, and on my Facebook page as well. Product Giveaways: I also offer giveaways (to include a mini review) to my fans, free of charge. I would need the giveaway product shipped to me to use/review at your expense prior to my giveaway for fans. I will write the review within 3 weeks with a link back to your site. I will run a giveaway that will run for 1 week that will require fans to like your Facebook and/or Twitter page and/or visit your site. I will then choose a winner at random and email you with the winner’s details for you to send the giveaway item to them. I ask that the item be shipped to the winner within 48 hours. Giveaways will be held on Rafflecopter and the participants will be asked to like your Facebook Page. (Thanks, Frugality for Less for the format!)
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