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The dictionary you can understand featuring definitions that actually make sense with example use cases for the most popular words. Be confident in your use of words.

YourDictionary.com features:
• Original definitions not found anywhere else with example use cases
• Definitions from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language and Webster’s New World College Dictionary (the official dictionary of the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times)
• Audio pronunciations: hear how to pronounce the word
• Etymology: learn the history of the word
• Synonyms: Roget’s A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II: The New Thesaurus
• Sentence usage examples: see how to use the word in a sentence
• Abbreviations & acronyms
• Common phrases and idioms
• Famous quotes
• Specialty definitions to see the words in context: business, finance and investment, computer, legal, medical and science
• Facts about famous people and historical figures from The Encyclopedia of World Biography
• Language articles--grammar tips, reference, answers, and ESL
• Word lists and flash cards - practice spelling or quiz yourself on a definition to improve your vocabulary

YourDictionary.com has been recognized as the authoritative resource for online dictionary and thesaurus use and has been the recipient of many awards including the prestigious CIO Web Business 50 Award from IDG's CIO magazine, Reference Site of the year from LibrarySpot as well as recognition from Yahoo Internet magazine, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine.

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    Publisher: Dictionary definitions you can understand - YourDictionary
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    Advertise with YourDictionary Information About Advertising on YourDictionary Site Demographics and Traffic Ad Placement Examples and Specifications Advertising Contact Susan Veenschoten - (415) 359-6960 - Director of Sales Reader Information and Resources on YourDictionary YourDictionary is a comprehensive reference site featuring: Original definitions with example use cases. Definitions and word etymology (origin) from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th edition, Webster's New World College Dictionary and Wiktionary Thesauri entries from Webster's New World Roget's A-Z Thesaurus Specialty definitions for: abbreviations and acronyms, computer, investment & finance and legal Encyclopedic information from the Encyclopedia of World Biography Related articles in an incredible archive of grammar, education, esl, and reference articles YourDictionary also has many extra resources like: Audio pronunciations – Hear the pronunciation for most words in the dictionary. Sentence Examples and Famous Quotes - See the word in an example or famous quote for better understanding. Games to expand vocabulary - Use Word Finder for help with word games like Words With Friends, Scrabble and 4 Pics 1 Word. Word Lists & Flash Cards - Save vocabulary words to a word list and practice spelling, or quiz yourself on definitions with flash cards. Awards and Recognition YourDictionary has been recognized as the authoritative resource for online dictionary and thesaurus use and has been the recipient of many awards including: The prestigious CIO Web Business 50 Award from IDG's CIO magazine Reference Site of the Year from LibrarySpot Recognition from Yahoo Internet magazine
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