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ZipRealty is a leading national real estate brokerage and provider of proprietary technology and online marketing tools for the brokerage industry. The company has owned-and-operated offices in 19 markets nationwide, and serves 20 third-party brokerages through its Powered by Zip network.

Our Services
ZipRealty empowers home buyers, home sellers, real estate agents and third-party brokerages with an innovative, end-to-end real estate solution.

Home Buyers and Sellers
ZipRealty provides home buyers and sellers with the combination of its powerful website, an award-winning mobile app and personalized local service to search for, buy and sell real estate. Home listings are delivered directly from the MLS, which is the most accurate data source available. ZipRealty instantly notifies consumers about new listings tailored to their customized search criteria, and matches them with highly rated local agents who understand the consumer’s search preferences and needs.

Real Estate Agents
ZipRealty agents have access to all of the tools, technology and training to become the real estate leaders of the future. The centerpiece of ZipRealty’s agent value proposition is Zap, its proprietary CRM that enables agents to manage their businesses efficiently and focus on clients who are ready to buy or sell a home. Zap is deeply integrated with ZipRealty.com and its consumer-facing mobile app to generate actionable leads, deliver valuable online marketing exposure and provide invaluable customer insight based on consumer web activity.

Third-Party Brokerages
Through Powered by Zip, ZipRealty’s SaaS offering, brokerages receive a third-party technology solution to grow their local business. Brokerages gain visibility into both agent and consumer behavior through Zap and are able to increase their online presence, so they can compete for more market share without sacrificing their local brand.

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    ZipRealty.com is the premier real estate website on the Internet with a high volume of traffic and a perfect place to advertise your business. Advertising on ZipRealty.com gives you the opportunity to aim your message at targeted demographics and reach an audience that is well-educated and earn higher than average incomes
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